| What is Haxe ?

Haxe consists of a high-level, open source programming language and a compiler. It allows compilation of programs, written using an ECMAScript-oriented syntax, to multiple target languages. Employing proper abstraction, it is possible to maintain a single code-base which compiles to multiple targets.
Haxe is strongly typed but the typing system can be subverted where required. Utilizing type information, the Haxe type system can detect errors at compile-time which would only be noticeable at run-time in the target language. Furthermore, type information can be used by the target generators to generate optimized and robust code.

| What can you use it for?

Haxe’s use cases cover a large spectrum of software development. You can use it to build CLI’s, Mobile Apps, and websites as well. A particularly interesting idea is using Haxe to write both the server-side backend and the web frontend of a web application.
The backend code can get compiled to PHP, Neko, or Node, and the frontend code can get compiled to Javascript to run in the Browser.It seems, however, that the most common use case for Haxe is the development cross-platform games
There are a number of libraries and frameworks for building cross-platform games that are built on Haxe. There is also WIP game engine called Armory 3D that I think will be pretty amazing when it’s done.

Introduction to the Haxe Toolkit

The Haxe Toolkit is a powerful open source toolkit which will help you take your development to the next level. Instead of developing a separate optimized version of your application, software, game or framework for each platform you target, you can have Haxe compile your project directly into your target language or platform.
In allowing you to target most mainstream platforms natively, it will not only add flexibility to your development process, but also save valuable time and resources.To help you do this, the toolkit contains three main components:

  • the Haxe Language – a modern high-level, strictly typed programming language
  • the Haxe Standard Library – a complete cross-platform standard library
  • the Haxe Compiler – an incredibly fast cross-compiler.

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