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What is Action Script?

ActionScript is an object-oriented scripting and programming language designed to provide rich interactive abilities to the Adobe Flash Player platform. ActionScript’s syntax is similar to that of JavaScript (both are based on the same ECMAScript standard). 

ActionScript is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language that is designed specifically for Web site animation. Originally released with Macromedia Flash 4 and enhanced for Flash 5, ActionScript is a sophisticated version of the script language introduced in Flash 3. ActionScript makes it possible for developers to create onscreen environments (such as games, tutorials, and e-commerce applications) that can respond to user input through the keyboard or mouse. ActionScript is an event-based language: just as is the case in real life, actions are triggered by events.

Step to Learn Action Script

Action Script  is the programming language for the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR runtime environments. Programmers of all levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—will find useful content on this page. Explore the language’s object-oriented programming model and its fundamental building blocks.

1. Object-Oriented Programming

These articles provide an introduction to the object-oriented programming model of Action Script . If you are new to object-oriented programming (OOP), work through these articles in sequence. Developers with OOP experience can review these articles quickly and move on to how Action Script implements events, display objects, and other functionality.

2. Action Script Fundamentals

These articles cover the fundamental building blocks of Action Script, from defining a variable to explaining how to design and work with complex data structures. Beginners should start with the first article (Syntax) and gain knowledge as they read each article in the list. More experienced programmers may want to pick and choose among topics.

Functions Action Script

Functions are named blocks of code that carry out specific tasks and can be reused in your program. There are two types of functions in Action Script  methods and function closures. The context in which the function is defined determines whether a function is a called a method or a function. A function is called a method if you define it as part of a class definition or attach it to an instance of an object. A function is called a function if it is defined in any other way.

For example, pretend you are developing an application that allows the user to select which shape to draw and the shape’s color and then draws the user’s selection on the screen. You should write five functions:

  • A function to ask the user to select a shape
  • A function to handle the data of the user’s shape selection
  • A function to ask the user to select a color
  • A function to handle the data of the user’s color selection
  • A function to use the shape and color data to draw the selection on the screen

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