| What is ABC ?

ABC(American Broadcasting Company) is an imperative general-purpose programming language and programming environment developed at CWI, Netherlands by Leo Geurts, Lambert Meertens, and Steven Pemberton. It is interactive, structured, high-level, and intended to be used instead of BASIC, Pascal, or AWK. It is not meant to be a systems-programming language but is intended for teaching or prototyping.

| Features to Learn ABC ?

Its designers claim that ABC programs are typically around a quarter the size of the equivalent Pascal or C programs, and more readable. Key features include:

  • Only five basic data types.
  • Does not require variable declarations.
  • Explicit support for top-down programming.
  • Statement nesting is indicated by indentation, via the off-side rule.
  • Infinite precision arithmetic, unlimited-sized lists and strings, and other features supporting orthogonality and ease of use by novices.

ABC was originally a monolithic implementation, leading to an inability to adapt to new requirements, such as creating a graphical user interface. ABC could not directly access the underlying file system and operating system.

Some features of the environment:

  • no need for files: procedures and functions and global variables remain after logging out
  • one consistent face is shown to the user at all times, whether executing commands, editing, or entering input to a program
  • generalized undo mechanism.

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